Lev Ioffe

Professor of Physics


Research directions (2013).

1.   Decoherence in interacting many body systems. Application to superconductor-insulator transition in films and Josephson junction arrays.

2.   Quantum behavior of mesoscopic solid state devices with a few degrees of freedom, e.g. Josephson junction circuits with a few elements. Application to quantum computation and the general problems of decoherence.

3.   Implementation of topologically protected qubits by superconducting circuits.

4.   Microscopic theory of noises in superconducting circuits at very low temperatures. Theory of flux, charge and critical current noise. Application to quantum computing.

I believe that a theory should have a predictive power. So, I try to get verifiable predictions and collaborate with a number of experimental groups: Misha Gershenson (Rutgers), Oleg Astafiev (NPL), Claude Chapelier (CEA, Grenoble), Yura Pashkin (Lancaster), and Benjamin Sacepe (CNRS, Grenoble).


Physics papers

Publication list (PDF file)


Some recent papers (not available on archive in the final form).

Protected qubits implemented in Josephson circuits (review).

Phase slips in strongly disordered superconductors.

Localization of preformed Cooper pairs in disordered superconductors




Seminars on quantum computation: see slots highlighted in green in the Condensed Matter Seminar schedule.


Expeditions to high mountains



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